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Beach Life

Beach Life

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Artist: Cath Hodson

Medium: Screenprint

Dimensions: 20.3 x 20.3cm (paper size)

Edition: 100

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  • About this print

    My small pleasure in lockdown was going for a long (1 hour) walk every day and observing/day dreaming. Living by the coast this normally took place on the beach accompanied by my faithful hound (in accordance with the rules). It was fascinating to see how life changed and people adapted using the facilities that were available to them. There were swimmers, surfers, paddle borders and this was before 8.30 am. One day there was a group of what looked like synchronised swimmer with matching pink hats – each stroke timed to perfection - this may or may not have been the case but my mind wondered and there before me was a routine that would not have seemed out of place Busby Berkeley movie.

  • Cath Hodson