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Fusako Yoshikawa

Untitled 2

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Fusako makes her prints by cutting into plywood, often making a number of blocks to produce one image. Each block will print one colour. These are printed using watercolours, her preference being Windsor & Newton for their intensity of pigment. The watercolour is mixed to the right consistency and then applied to the block using a brush. This is transferred onto slightly dampened paper by hand using a baren (a flat disc covered in bamboo) to apply even, firm pressure. Each block is printed one on top of the other until the final image is completed.

The shapes and rich colours used by Fusako are her joyous response to life.

Edition of 10.

Japanese woodblock

40.5cm x 56cm (image size)
47.5cm x 64cm (paper size)


Fusako Yoshikawa lives and works in Japan.

Northern Print first exhibited Fusako’s work in 1999 as part of a print exchange with printmakers from Nagoya, Japan and Northern Print artists.

Fusako came to Northern Print in 2003 to take part in a residency alongside two other artists from Japan, including Eriko Maki. All three artists created a new body of work inspired by their time at Northern Print on Fish Quay, North Shields which then went on a touring exhibition of galleries in the North of England.

In 2010 Fusako visited Northern Print in its current home in Ouseburn and to carried out a superb demonstration of her work to gallery visitors.

Fusako uses traditional Japanese woodblock techniques to create her abstract, bold and dynamic prints, often using multiple wood blocks to make her beautifully composed images.

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