Rachael Clewlow: 127.5 Miles Walked
Rachael Clewlow: 127.5 Miles Walked
Rachael Clewlow: 127.5 Miles Walked
Rachael Clewlow: 127.5 Miles Walked
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Rachael Clewlow: 127.5 Miles Walked

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This screenprint was especially commissioned for Northern Print's Glossary exhibition and is based on seven walks around Gateshead and Newcastle.

Newcastle has seven main gates within its old town walls; New Gate, Pandon Gate, West Gate, Pilgrim Gate, Sand Gate, Black Gate and Close Gate. The artist walked from Monument (Newcastle city centre) out of one gate to the edge of the map (Newcastle A-Z) and back (always along a different route) into the city via another gate. Each walk lasted a day, ranging from 15 to 28 miles.

The artist recorded her journey in a notebook and then marked out the route in a drawing. The places she passed and things she saw along the way were entered into a spread sheet and ordered alphabetically. This list was then split into seven colour coded groups, working through the colour spectrum, pairing each colour with every other colour. The print is comprised of eight colours, however with the overlays, a total of 28 colours are created. The writing on the left-hand side shows the places and incidents Rachael sees as she moves through the city, acting as a code to the visual experience of the image. The handwritten list refers back to her diaries and brings a personal element into the graphic like nature of the print. 

Edition of 24.

86.5cm x 72cm



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