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Fuku Musubi | Gourd/Dragon Scale Red/Light Blue

Fuku Musubi | Gourd/Dragon Scale Red/Light Blue

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Furoshiki wrapping is the ancient Japanese practice of binding gifts and other objects in fabric and has become popular in Western society in recent years partly through increasing environmental concerns and a desire to reduce disposable wrapping paper.

This beautiful double-sided cotton wrap measures 48cm x 48m and is screenprinted on cotton in Japan.

Fuku-Musubi is Furoshiki which was designed to invite happiness and form connection between people. Front and back surfaces are respectively dyed in different colors and the patterns.

Those patterns are based on Japanese auspicious omen motifs. Each pattern on both sides has the special meaning and it has been used since ancient days. It's nice to gift not only to someone but also to yourself.

Enjoy using this Furoshiki by switching the colors and patterns depending on your mood or occasion.

Gourd : This pattern is believed to bring happiness and success. Legend has it that drinking sake in gourd together under the plum tree keeps off evil spirits.

Dragon Scale : This pattern is a repetition of triangles suggestive snake or dragon scales. Those creatures glow bigger by casting off their skins. Therefore, this pattern is believed to drive away evil spirits and regenerate lives.

Use it to wrap a special gift, as a funky side table covering, as a special napkin, make it into a cushion or just hang it on the wall and admire it. 

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