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Seiko Tachibana


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Seiko Tachibana’s intaglio prints have a poetic beauty that explores the essential patterns of life. With delicate repeated marks and richly hued ‘blooms’, the images suggest both a world in microcosm as well as the immensity of the universe. The technical skill, poise and profound beauty of these works shows the traditional qualities of Japanese printmaking which continue to captivate today.

Seiko describes her work:

‘Many great minds have been captivated by the concept of a single unifying principle that governs the all that is our universe, a principle in which all things are connected by a universal truth. While we often associate this inquiry with the sciences and philosophy, it is also an important influence in the arts.’

Edition of 25.

Intaglio etching
30cm x 56cm (image size)
61cm x 56cm (paper size)



Est. 1994

The centre for excellence in printmaking in the North East of England