The Posters of Golden Cabinet: 10 July - 28 September 19


Posters from Golden Cabinet

The Posters of Golden Cabinet
10 July - 28 September 19

This collection of 30 posters was created from 2013-2018 for Golden Cabinet - the acclaimed experimental music night that took place at the Kirkgate Community Centre in the small market town of Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Golden Cabinet’s ‘sonic attack’ attracted a hardcore of followers over its 5 years as well as the attention of the mainstream media and international artists working at the bleeding edge of music and visual art.

The posters were created by Nick Loaring (The Print Project) who took his inspiration from the type of music on offer: a brain-crushingly loud / brutal / in your face experience which was often repetitive, complex and intended to re-wire your internal circuits.

All the posters were letterpress printed by hand one at a time using a variety of materials (washers / screws / vintage wood-type / hand-cut lino / laser-cut & engraved hardboard / MDF) in small editions of 30 or fewer. The type was always set by hand, firstly using what was available and then moving into hot-metal in 2014. 

They are organised chronologically with the sizes and formats arrived at by exploiting the limits of two flat bed proofing presses, one from 1969 and the other from 1972.

To view and purchase a selection of Nick Loaring's prints, some of which are part of the exhibition, visit his shop page here.

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