Thoughtlines: 2 May - 30 June 18

Thoughtlines: 2 May - 30 June 18

Nicole Polonsky: Thoughtlines 
2 May - 30 June 

Nicole Polonsky’s creative process is driven by ideas. Her conceptualising is often underpinned by an enduring interest in print as subject: the binary traditions of fine art printmaking and mass print production; intersections and tensions between the two; the cultural and monetary values assigned to them. Even when not using print per se, much of her output is expressed using tropes associated with it: indirect markmaking, the series, the non-unique object. Her cross-disciplinary practice includes limited-edition prints, bookworks and multiples; installations and performance; devising and producing collaborative and group projects.

The artist is drawn to matter that has been overlooked, erased, marginalised or considered banal. Language–especially found texts–has a particular allure. With her interventions, her subjects are reanimated by being recast in new contexts and / or materials. At times Nicole adopts deliberately contrary strategies: a sheet of cloakroom tickets is painstakingly rendered in etching and chine-collé; apparently torturous handwritten ‘lines’ are, in fact, screenprinted.

Nicole’s work emerges from research and extensive reflection. Once arrived at, her rationales determine the method(s) and media used to achieve her pieces, the forms they take, and how and where they are shown. Nicole strives for artefacts that are succinct and free from gratuitous markmaking. In spite of their visual restraint, very human emotions and experiences–humour, regret, melancholy, nostalgia, loss and grief–are confronted explicitly, or through allusion or metaphor.

Artist information
Nicole Polonsky (b. 1962, Zurich, Switzerland) studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford, and Royal College of Art, London. Recent exhibitions: Y not I, Chapel, the House of St Barnabas, London (2018); The Contemporary Print, Texas (2018); Public View, Bluecoat, Liverpool (2017). Nicole jointly devised and co-ordinated Ghost[ed.], a suite of eight stone lithographs by eight artists, which toured nationally (2015–16). Her practice will be represented in Michael Petry’s The Book of the Word, published by Thames & Hudson (autumn 2018). Nicole’s artworks are held in public collections at MACBA (Catalonia/Spain); MoMA and Lafayette College (USA); University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, Manchester Metropolitan University, Essex County Council, Chelsea College of Arts Library and the Poetry Library (UK). The artist’s work has been featured in a wide range of publications including Creative Review, Art Monthly and Printmaking Today.

Nicole Polonsky, Artist Talk & Special Viewing 
7 June 18


Join us for an artist talk with Nicole Polonsky who will be speaking about the inspiration and processes behind the different series of work that currently feature in her current Thoughtlines exhibition.  We hope you will then stay for refreshments and a special viewing of the exhibition until 8pm

If you would like to attend, you can RSVP although this is not essential.  We look forward to seeing you.

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