The Society of Wood Engravers

09 March - 26 April 2024

86th Annual Exhibition

 The Society of Wood Engravers (SWE) was founded in 1920 by a group of artists including Eric Gill and Lucien Pissarro. It is the principal organisation and rallying point for those interested in wood engraving and other forms of relief printmaking.

A relief print is one in which the printing surface is cut away so that the image alone appears raised on the surface. The raised areas are inked and printed, while the parts that have been cut away do not pick up the ink. Wood engraving involves the cutting of wood on the hard end grain rather than the plank side. Sharply pointed metal tools are required. The completed designs may be printed on a press or by hand, using a tool to rub the back of the paper.

An illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition. Most of the exhibits are for sale. Prices quoted are for unframed prints, which may be ordered by post and normally arrive within two weeks of the order being placed.

Right: OLESYA DZHURAYEVA, The Scream, L 505 x 775 mm, £650
Left: KAYOKO MORIYAMA,Toward Hope, 307 x 291 mm £450

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