Nunik Sauret. Of things and nature: 6 - 16 November 19

Nunik Sauret. Of things and nature: 6 - 16 November 19


Nunik Sauret Exhibition

Nunik Sauret. Of things and nature
6 - 16 November 19

Nunik Sauret (born in 1951) is a Mexican printmaker. Although she has produced paintings, drawing and engravings for over 50 years, she is best known as an engraver for the quality of her technique and subject matters.

Printmaking techniques which she has used include etching, drypoint, aquatint, mezzotint, and engraving. She has shown her work widely both in Mexico and elsewhere, in solo and group shows. She has also taught, her pupils including Eva Laura Moraga.

Born in Mexico City, Sauret studied at the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado "La Esmeralda" in her native city.

In 1976 she became a member of the Taller de Grabado del Molino de Santo Domingo. She has created drawings and paintings, but is known mostly for her work as a printmaker.

A mystic touch runs over the graphic research of Nunik Sauret. It is about reaching perfection, right in the same process when the artist takes over from an unknown corner. She quits any simplistic “something” as a goal or destiny, while she keeps on moving, evading the comfort of the finding. Maybe this recognizable feature, at least in her work of the last decade, this exquisite printmaker has obtained an oriental style that enlivens her, diverting the clear expressive capacity of her work.

Luis Ignacio Sáinz

Further Information

Nunik has participated in numerous engraving and installation workshops with various Masters including: Octavio Bajonero, Carlos Garcia Estrada, Mauricio Lazansky, Francisco Patlan, Cornelia Von Mengerhausen.

She has specialised in Japanese Graphic arts under masters such as Kei Sei Takeo Kobayashi, Tatsuma Watanabe ,Iwakiri Yuko , Yasuko Sawaoka and Kuniko Satake.

Nunik has received many awards for her work including the Engraving Scholarship from the Banff Center for the Arts in Calgary, Canada.

She has also received scholarships and honourable mentions in Mexico, former Yugoslavia, United States and Canada including Member of the Collegiate Body Number, in the Graph section Academy of Arts, Mexico,City, Premio de Grabado (Engraving Award) 2013, Bienal Internacional de Grabado (International Engraving Biennal), “José Guadalupe Posadas”, Aguascalientes, Mexico, First and second Engraving Prize at the Salón de la Juventud, Mexico; honorable mention at the Drawing Biennale in Rijeka, (former) Yugoslavia; honorable mention at the Latin American Graphic Arts Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York.

She has been a judge and tutor in over 50 events and her work is included in over 120 engraving and lithograph folders.

She has participated in 55 biennales/triennials in Mexico, USA, Colombia, Venezuela, India, Puerto Rico, Yugoslavia, Norway, Bulgaria, Cuba, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Canada, Poland, and France.

Her work is shown in over 26 museums, universities and cultural institutions of Mexico, Colombia, Bulgaria, United States, Puerto Rico and Japan: Modern Art Museum, Mexico; Banco de México; Tosa-Washi International Committee, Japan; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporany Hispanic Art, New York.

She has held over 160 solo exhibits in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and Algeria.

Her current work includes research of traditional Japanese techniques in order to combine them with alternative engraving techiques; this atypical production has been shown at the Cartografías corporales and Elipse exhibits.

She has participated in over 400 group shows in Mexico, Colombia, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, (former) Yugoslavia, France, Brazil, USA, Japan, Finland, Norway, Germany, and Portugal.


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