Collaborative Collagraph

Collaborative Collagraph

The Collaborative Collagraph Project from Northern Print on Vimeo.


During the first lockdown, whilst Northern Print was closed and everyone was staying at home, we invited our studio artists to create a piece of work together - encouraging people to stay creative and contribute to something that we could make together once restrictions had eased and the studio could re-open. 

It was decided that we would make a collagraph print – with each person receiving a section to work on from home. The image we chose was LS Lowry’s ‘Market scene, Northern Town’, a lively painting depicting a market scene which had a real feeling of togetherness. 

Each artist made their collagraph section using materials from home to glue together on a piece of cardboard, creating a textured collaged effect.

These sections were then brought together at Northern Print, inked up and printed on the press to create this finished piece.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this project, they were:

 Louise Pallister, Susan Wood, Theresa Easton, John Storey, Annie Macmillan, Janet E Davis, Donald Wilkinson, Sandra Haney, Eileen Downs, Ian Gale, Janet Walton, Susanne Aykroyd, Debby Akam, Catherine Hodson, Jo Bourne, Anne Bayliss, Elizabeth Hunt, Pui Lee, Diane Nicholson, Hannah Scully, Caroline Coode, Helen Allott, Nancy Isherwood, Narbi Price, Chris Madge, Barbara Kennard, John Grey, Ruth Siddals, Alex McIntosh & Phoebe Power

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