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Chilli Studios - Print @ Northern Print

Chilli Studios
Print @ Northern Print

Wednesday 04 May - Saturday 16 June, 2022

Work on display here showcases a diverse collection that celebrates the artwork and creativity of the printing group at Chilli Studios (an art studio with a mental health focus). Over the last few years, with support of our Artists and facilitators Dominic Laydon and Andrew Wilson, members from the studio have delved in and developed their techniques and styles. They have explored printing methods from lino print, dry point, screen printing, mono prints, collagraphs to natural anthotypes made with turmeric. Some of the artists have extensive experience but most have only just started the journey in this medium. 

“Realising my 'problems' aren't unique to me but shared by so many and understood”, studio member 

Chilli Studios (circa 2004) is a mental health and arts charity that provides creative services and opportunities for people who are experiencing mental health issues or other factors that may lead to social exclusion. The Chilli Studios team of experienced professionals, volunteers and peer support, aim to engage people creatively to promote inclusion and interaction, develop skills, build resilience and ultimately improve wellbeing. They facilitate a programme of creative workshops for members to take part in, including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, animation, creative writing, music and more. 

Chilli Studios is an innovative project, always looking at developing our service and supporting people to achieve their goals. We are a charitable organisation providing a user-led and bespoke art and music studio service. We encourage members to try new things, form friendships and improve skills. Many of our members have developed lasting pathways to recovery and career opportunities in the creative and wider sectors.

“I think Chilli Studios is an incredibly important resource for people….coming to terms with the real deficit imposed on them by their mental health problems. Its importance is even greater today as the health budget is shrinking and …in my opinion it provides a unique range of support….and brings in an important but often overlooked part in recovery”  

- Dr Sankalpa Basu (Consultant Psychiatrist, NTW NHS Foundation Trust)

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