20:20 in 2020: 15 January - 29 February 20

20:20 in 2020: 15 January - 29 February 20

20:20 in 2020 at Northern Print

20:20 in 2020
15 January - 29 February 20

The 2020 Print Exchange started as a simple exchange of original prints in 2009 between two printmaking studios, Red Hot Press in Southampton and Hot Bed Press in Salford who now manage the administration and logistics involved in what has since become an epic project.

This year 732 artists from 45 workshops participated and created a grand total of 18,300 prints. Each participating artist pays a nominal admin fee and makes an edition of 25 prints. The artists all receive a special box of 20 artworks picked at random and the remaining 5 from each edition are allocated to the print studios to sell for fundraising purposes. Studios from the UK and Ireland as well as Canada, Iceland, Hong Kong, Russia and Denmark took part in this year's exchange.

The prints that we are showing at Northern Print are just a small selection from the exchange which we are selling to help us keep printmaking accessible for everyone. Prints each measure 20 x 20cm and are available to buy for £20 each. Unlike most of our other exhibitions you can take your artwork home on the day that you buy it.


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