Original prints from studios across the UK & around the world.

This exhibition presents prints from artists working in print studios and art schools across the UK and overseas, including Northern Print. 

The annual 20:20 print exchange project, which is initiated by Hot Bed Press in Manchester, invites print workshops from across the UK and overseas to submit prints by their studio artists all on paper measuring 20 x 20cm, with each artist printing a set (or edition) of 25 prints. Each participating artist then receives a set of randomly selected prints to keep and their studio also receives sets of prints to sell as a fundraiser. 

In 2021, 589 artists from 40 workshops took part creating 14,725 prints in total! International workshops also took part from Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Russia, Wales and Scotland.

40 artists from Northern Print entered their work for the project as follows:

Margaret Adams, Allan Barnfather, Jill Chambers, Jennifer Clark-Hall, Anna Darcy, Janet E Davis, Alison Diamond, Helen Donley, Val Fitzgerald, Matt Forster, Ian Gale, Simon Gardiner, Keith Gray, James Hall, Elizabeth Hayes, Cath Hodson, Steve Jeffries, Pui Lee, Ciara Lenihan, Alice McGee, Alex McIntosh, Harriet Menter, Diane Nicholson, Grace Owens, Kasia Parker, Vanessa Pearson, Anja Percival, Sumitra Ramdas, Cindy Robinson-Begg, Mark Rogerson, Sarah Rothwell, Luke Sellers, Suzanne Speak, Patrick Thorne, Charlie Thwaites, Janet Walton, Jo Whaley, Katie Jo Winter, Lesley Wood & Michelle Wood. 

As one of the participating workshops Northern Print is proud to exhibit a broad selection of these prints which we are selling for fundraising purposes to help us promote and support original printmaking.

All prints measure 20cm by 20cm and are available to buy and take home the same day for only £10 each.

The exhibition is a good introduction for those wishing to learn about different printmaking techniques. Screenprint, etching, woodcut, cyanotype, linocut and digital print are only some of the methods used by the talented artists so there will undoubtedly be something to appeal to all tastes within the many prints on show. 

If you’re interested in learning more about printmaking, you could do one of our courses, or if you’re already a printmaker, why not join as a studio user – just contact us for more info enquiry@northernprint.org.uk.

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