Subway: Wrong Way!

Hello there Subway people - we're guessing you're on this page because you Googled Northern Print and we came up first...

We're not the Northern Print you're looking for! We're an art gallery, a registered charity and somewhere that artists come and make fine art prints themselves. 

We are nothing to do with the Northern Print that you need, we do not print your menus, posters or your window decals - it is just a coincidence that we share our popular business name. 

Anja Percival Print

We do however sell some beautiful prints and gifts and ship them worldwide so when you're not at work check back in with us. Your friends will think you have great taste! This is where you'll find lovely things to buy.

We believe that the Northern Print you need is this one: and this is their client login

They are a commercial printer and they are based in Liverpool. They have Subway images on their homepage so we're guessing that's the one you're looking for.

We get calls from Subway restaurants almost every day. We even had one from Argentina!  

We'd therefore be grateful if you could please let your staff know not to call us and to contact the correct company. 

One day if you're in Newcastle upon Tyne, look us up and come and visit.  You may even enjoy one of our printmaking courses which are suitable for absolute beginners!

We hope you get your menus.