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Relief Collagraph Course Pack (for course participants only)

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This pack of materials has been created especially for participants on our relief collagraph course.

Please note:

If you attempt to purchase a pack without making a course booking, your order will not be processed and you will be refunded.

If you're based outside the UK, please contact us directly before purchasing a pack as some items may be restricted -

This pack contains:


For this course you will need all of the items on the list of materials below. If you have all of these materials then you can purchase the course only, however we are selling the items in a pack which you can purchase separately here for an additional £15 +P&P if applicable.

The materials will be sent to you before the start of the course so when booking, please allow time for posting.

The pack includes:

Wooden spoon
Plastic to wrap damp paper in
Ink palette
Wooden palette knife
Printing paper
Baking parchment
Printing Ink
Tissue paper

Materials you will have to provide yourself not included in the pack:

Craft knife
Collage material with texture, e.g. netting, textured wallpaper samples, corrugated cardboard, sandpaper, tin foil 
Dried foodstuffs like lentils and spaghetti
Wall filler
Scrap paper
Thin card e.g. cereal box

P.V.A glue

Metal Dessert spoon

Blotting paper or tea towel


Please note that at the checkout you can choose to click and collect or to have this pack shipped to you for a small additional fee to cover postage. Please allow plenty of time for us to ship your pack to ensure that it arrives before your course.

Unless you choose click and collect at the checkout this print will be shipped as  Small Padded Parcel B.  For shipping information and prices click here.


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