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Michelle Wood

Beach Finds

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This print is part of the Small Pleasures project. To read about Small Pleasures click this link. 

Words from Michelle Wood: 

"Being near the coast, walking the beach, enjoying the fresh air and sea-dipping are my own personal small pleasures. I wanted to capture something of these coastal joys by making mini prints of stones and shells; then representing these beach finds as treasures, each with its own beautiful qualities, and kept safe within an artist’s book. Each small print consists of three-layers, using hand-cut rubber stamps, the letterpress is printed in gold ink and each book is carefully made by hand. The book can be presented closed, keeping the contents safe and secret, or opened out to reveal the treasures within."

Edition of 5.

Rubber stamp, letterpress & linen thread
20.3 x 20.3cm (paper size)

Unless you choose click and collect at the checkout this print will be shipped as Small Flat Print Parcel A.  For shipping information and prices click here.


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