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Imi Maufe

Tarset A-Z

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This piece was created as part of a body of work that Imi Maufe made during her time spent in Tarset, Northumberland as VARC (Visual Art in Rural Communities) resident artist 2007-2008. You can read more about her VARC work here.

Edition of 18.


37cm x 55cm (image size)
57cm x 75cm (paper size)


Imi Maufe trained as a landscape architect before returning to art school to complete a MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Imi has experience in creating work for residencies, exhibitions, commissions and also doing workshops and interactions with the public, selected audiences, architecture students and school pupils.

Imi describes her work as being about:

Capturing INCIDENTS; riding BICYCLES; studying MAPS; exploring GENIUS LOCI;
interacting with LANDSCAPE; finding HIDDEN NUANCES; jogging MEMORIES;
collating COLLECTIONS; playing with TEXT; challenging POST OFFICES;
manipulating WAYS OF SEEING; discovering the UNEXPECTED; digging up HISTORY;
documenting EXPERIENCE; collaborating with PEOPLE; making ARTISTS BOOKS;
remembering JOURNEYS; responding to PLACE; dismantling TYPEWRITERS;

in no logical order!

Since 2009 Imi has been based in Bergen, Norway and she has a studio at Bergen Ateliergruppe in the container harbour.

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