Josie Brookes: View from Nowhere 15 Sept - 16 Oct 21

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Banner showing bright screenprint by Josie Brookes

Josie Brookes
View from Nowhere
15 Sept - 16 Oct

An exhibition of bold screenprints and risographs by Josie Brookes inspired by and developed from the original animated visuals she created in collaboration with Tom Madge of Animatecity for the official music video for The View from Nowhere by Warm Digits. 

The song refers to the mid-century approach to psychotherapy, requiring the therapist to remove the ‘self’ from their view of the patient. The body of work responds to the struggle inherent within this idea and the pulsating ebb and flow of both the music and the personal narrative within the lyrics. Josie uses bold sequences of geometric print, ink and collage to explore ideas of identity and someone working to separate themselves from their humanity. She fuses multiple techniques and colours, to create a striking collection of new experimental work.

“Printmaking is an integral part of my Illustration work and I continue to push my work with experimental print making techniques. In 2019, I was Illustrator in Residence for the 'Festival of Illustration*' where I focused on the relationship between printmaking, mark making and collage to create a new body of work based on cultural identity.” (this project follows on from this) I have used this exhibition as an opportunity to reconnect with my love of print...and to play! I enjoy layering work and experimenting with different processes, and had fun mixing up techniques to create the pieces for ‘View from Nowhere’. The support of Northern Print throughout has been invaluable and I’m so grateful to have been able to create in such an encouraging environment."

Josie Brookes for Pressing Matters.

 * Northern Print held an exhibition entitled Illustrative Print for the Festival of Illustration in 2019 which included work by Josie Brookes, Jimmy Turrell, Alice Pattullo, Sara Ogilvie and Chris Daunt.

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