In Print: 12 Sept - 3 Nov 18

Bursaries Etchings Monoprints Performance Screenprints

Exhibitions by Nicola Singh, Miriam Hancill, David Murphy and Lydia Hiorns. The four artists were awarded Northern Print’s In Print Bursaries in 2017/18 to support artists working in print.

12 - 22 September 18
Nicola Singh 
sticky fingers & thumb strokes

Special viewing Thurs 13 September 6-8pm

Nicola Singh

sticky fingers & thumb strokes explores an intersection of performance and printmaking.

For her first experience of printing, Nicola has explored bodily ways of ‘being with’ the practice - encouraging a direct relationship between her body, the materials and the print processes. Learning about monoprint and screenprinting predominantly, she has focused on the ways in which performance can expand on print processes themselves and on the outcomes. 

This work sits within the artist’s current research focus – to find different representations of form, touch and movement in relation to the body and with various materials. The emphasis is on the way we touch and tend to our own bodies, and the where, how and why significance of this.

Nicola Singh is an artist, arts educator and researcher based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Her practice is rooted in performance and moves across disciplines, integrating objects, installation, print, text, textiles and photography. The work is made in response to contexts of feelings and chance, encounters and dialogue and to location and place. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally.

26 Sept - 27 October 18
Miriam Hancill and David Murphy
I give you the end of a golden thread 

Special viewing Thurs 4 October 6-8pm

Miriam Hancill and David Murphy

I give you the end of a golden thread shows work by artists Miriam Hancill and David Murphy. The exhibition presents a dialogue between subject and process and the spaces in between.

Using the same printing press on different days during Spring 2018, the artists each had a peripheral grasp of what the other was working on, seeing snippets of work in progress, or palettes of mixed inks, and occasionally crossing paths.  The decision to show together draws some interesting parallels between the artists' works, as well as reflecting the spirit of the Bursary as a space for conversation and exchange.

Both artists share an appreciation of gesture and mark-making, and both welcome the 'accidental' into their working process, seeing it as indicative of the dialogue with the materials at hand. Layering, contingent support structures, revealing and concealing are all important characteristics of this group of works, and correlate with their wider practices.

The 'golden thread' here appears both physically and metaphorically.  It acts as a real-world prop for the small-scale prints, and in a broader sense, stands as an analogy for the printing process itself: following a line of thought, an inkling, and a guide in a labyrinth of possibilities.           

Miriam Hancill was born in Sunderland and completed a degree in Fine Art at Newcastle University. She lives and works in Edinburgh and is currently studying for an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of Art. Miriam has exhibited her work nationally.

David Murphy was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and studied at the Glasgow School of Art and HfBK Dresden, he lives and works in London. He was the most recent recipient of the prestigious Kenneth Armitage Foundation Fellowship, London (2015-17) and has exhibited his work nationally and internationally.

31 October - 3 November 18
Lydia Hiorns 
KILN tent

Lydia Hiorns
KILN tent
is a handprinted transient space of welcome where the idea of hospitality is embodied and questioned. Whilst housed at Northern Print, visitors are welcome to enter the space in order to explore the roles of host and guest and to consider how their own life and work breathes creative hospitality. Whilst visiting the exhibition, visitors can also create their own recipe card for hospitality. Come for food, fellowship and discussion.

For more information on KILN tent click here.

Lydia Hiorns studied Fine Art. at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee and now lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne. She has exhibited her work throughout the UK and her practice explores the notion of hospitality as a creative concept.

KILN Tent from Lydia Hiorns on Vimeo.

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